Once you log in, the dashboard will look something like this.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 15.56.36

To add a new event, choose “Events” from the left column, then “Add New”.

new event

To change the blurb on your homepage, you have to find the right spot in one of the page builder’s modular layouts. It’s not hard if you know where to look. Don’t touch the purple module for now: that’s your homepage image zone. You don’t want the bottom module either, that’s your contact form. You want the middle module, second text box (the first is all your social media buttons, encoded). Click on the three horizontal lines to the left of that second grey text module: in there you’ll see a music player and some light-colored text. Select all but the first word and type your new blurb. Once you see that the type style is in fact the same as what you’re typing over, you can erase that first word too. Save to exit, then publish the modification using the button towards the top of the right column.

homepage blurb

To embed a YouTube video into a post, first switch from the visual tab to the text tab in your editor. Copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it here. It will start with <iframe .

embed video

To make a new project, hover over Projects in the left column, then choose Add New. Add your title and text, and be sure to add a featured image. This is the image that will appear in the photo grid, and it will also be the first image to appear in your post. In order for the project to show up in the photo grid, you have to select the ‘photos’ category in the right column. Add whatever pics you want in addition to the featured image, then publish.

To edit the posting date, click where it says Edit under the published-on date near the top of the right-hand column.

edit posting date







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