This Sunday (Oct, 11, 2015) at 5:30PM, Bent Frequency will present “A Bicycle Built for 111” at Old 4th Ward Park during Art on the Beltline. Contemporary music ensemble Bent Frequency presents a bicycle centric concert, featuring Mauricio Kagel’s Eine Brise for 111 cyclists, Matthias Kaul’s Wheeled for 5 bicycles and the world premiere of Klimchak’s Pied Piper of the Ether for saxophone, percussion and bicycle-powered theremin.

Klimchak will be performing on his theremin-bike, along with Stuart Gerber on percussion and Jan Berry Baker on saxophone for Pied Piper of the Ether. In addition, Klimchak, Stuart Gerber, Olivia Kieffer, Brandon Dodge and Tim Feeney will be playing percussion on 5 bicycles for Matthias Kaul’s Wheeled.

Here’s some video of Kagel’s Eine Brise (A Breeze)

And here’s some video of “Wheeled” by Matthias Kaul

I’m going to be playing on THIS:
klimchak at art in odd places orlando

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