CooksNotes Audience Photos

punch fotoPhotos from audience members of CooksNotes My performance art cooking show. For these photos I made punch using a glass xylophone, made hummous using an amplified cutting board, made crackers using a theremin over a flame tube, made a salad as the soundtrack to kung fu movies, and made soup using a bunch of tuned blenders. Oh, and I also led the audience in a performance featuring home-made carrot flutes.dojo turnbull carrot flute 1

andrea zoppo punch

dojo turnbull carrot flute 5

dojo turnbull hummous bowls

dojo turnbull hummous into mortar

1 dojo turnbull theremin flame tube 1

dojo turnbull hummous pounding

dojo turnbull hummous sesame

dojo turnbull kungfu salad 2

dojo turnbull kungFu salad 3

dojo turnbull kungfu salad

dojo turnbull zuccini flute

jeremiah Kulani Prescott blenders end

jeremiah Kulani Prescott carrot flute drilling

jeremiah Kulani Prescott kungfu salad 2

jeremiah Kulani Prescott theremin crackers

jeremiah Kulani Prescott wok 3

lockie wok 2

rob solomon blenders


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May 12, 2015

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